Financial Advice for Engaged and Married Couples: Healthcare???

by admin on April 1, 2013

There I was getting the mail on Friday and I see this envelope from a healthcare company. I decided to open it and see what it says. The header says Good News for Self-Employed in Colorado! Health plans starting at $4.31/day*! (First note, notice the asterisk behind the word day).

I go on to read this letter that’s addressed to me asking if I have been seeking affordable healthcare. The it goes on to say we have GREAT news for your! Our plans start at $4.31/day*! (Again with the asterisk). I keep reading and it says with this affordable coverage, you don’t have to go unprotected.

I have read what it will include and decide to go to the bottom of the letter to find out what the asterisk means – HOLD ON – Asterisk means – Sample rate for cost of coverage for a 35 year old male in Colorado Springs, Rate Area 4 for certain plan plus $2,500.

Okay since I don’t fit that sex nor live in that city, that WILL NOT be the price for me!! It goes on about my rate will be based on my age, gender, tier level, county and deductible. This policy has exclusions, limitations and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued.

Almost sounded like a BAIT and SWITCH on paper!! What say you.

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