Financial Advice for Engaged and Married Couples: First Quarter Review

by admin on April 4, 2013

The first quarter has ended and it’s time for you to review your goals. Financial, personal and business. Do you have your goals in front of you? If not, I recommend you go and get them and then continue reading this post.

Financial Goals:

1) What financial goals did you set for yourself?
2) What financial goals did you set for the family?
3) Did you have a savings goal? I know a lot of people began following the 52 Week Money Challenge.
4) Did you have a goal to pay off a credit card? How did you do?
5) Did you have a goal to start an emergency fund? How did you do?

Personal Goals:

1) Did you have a goal to read so many personal development books?
2) Did you return to college to further your education and skills?
3) Did you make amends with an old friend?
4) Did you take better care of your home or vehicle?
5) Did you become a parent?

Business Goals:

1) Did you start a new business?
2) Did you set goals for your existing business? How did you do?
3) Did you set a goal to acquire so many clients within the first quarter?
4) If you didn’t get the number of clients you were hoping for, how do you remove the hindrances?
5) Did your business make income or lose money?
6) Did you invest in your business?
7) How many networking events did you attend to grow your business?

A lot could have very well happened in the first quarter for you. Before you get too far ahead into the month of April, take a day and re-evaluate all of these areas and develop new goals for this second quarter. Make a VOW to yourself that it is not going to be the same and that you will step outside of the


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