Financial Advice for Engaged Couples: Who Will Be the Problem Solver in Your Marriage?

by admin on April 10, 2013

Do you realize that in your life, you flock to the PROBLEM SOLVERS in order to aid you in a task so you can move ahead! Don’t think so… keep reading.

When you are preparing for a wedding, you go to a Bridal Shop – They solve the problem of finding a Wedding Dress.

When your car has brake problems – The problem solver is a Brake shop and you get your brakes fixed.

When you are preparing to enter college – There are several problem solvers here – Financial aid so you have money to go to school, career advisor which will help you determine what you should major in and take the appropriate classes.

In your marriage, the issues that are likely to come up:

1) Money issues: If there is debt, who is going to be the problem solver? Who will determine how the debt should be handled?

2) Job concerns: Who will be the problem solver? What is the solution?

3) Health issues: What is the health issue? What type of health coverage do you have? What is the solution?

4) Family issues: What if both set of in-laws wants you and your spouse at their home for the holidays? What will be the solution?

5) What if you have an unexpected car emergency? What is the solution? How will it be paid for?

Do you get the idea? Who is going to be the problem solver? Let’s face it, you can’t bury your head in the sand and pretend these issues that arise don’t exist. A problem solver will keep the marriage working!


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