Tax Day 2013

by admin on April 15, 2013

It is Tax Day 2013!! Have you sent your taxes in or will you be in line at the post office today making sure your taxes are post-marked by the end of the day? I have never been a huge fan of waiting to the last minute. If at all possible, I also avoid going to the post office on this day because it seems like a never ending line of cars.

If you are just filing your taxes today, here are some tips as you move forward:

1) Whether you get a return or are paying, have financial goals for yourselves.

2) The importance of keeping documentation is key whether it is for your taxes or just every day life. I keep records for many many years.

3) Don’t wait until the last minute to take action because you may very well be forgetting something.

4) Do you have an accountant on your support team that will ensure your marriage and business are successful. If you don’t have a business, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an accountant.

5) If you are a business owner, I would strongly recommend you get an accountant. I saw where one business owner was not aware of several laws that changed for her business and she ended up having to do an amendment. I’d rather do it right the first time, then doing it over.

6) Did you look at whether you should file married filing joint or single?

7) What lessons did you learn from filing taxes this year?

Take a deep breath, because once this day is over – you have until April of 2014!! YEA you made it through another tax season.

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