Financial Advice for Married Couples: Running Shoes

by admin on April 19, 2013

Do you have your running shoes on? When you are married, there are times when it seems that you will be so busy with working, the kids, making dinner, laundry and don’t forget taking care of the bills, you wipe your head and wonder if you will get it all done. Of course you will and all it takes is balance. You sit down and make a list of what it is that MUST be done for this day.

When it comes to managing the household finances, you do the same thing. You look at your budget and since a lot of people get paid at the middle of the month – do the glance:

What Remains
Did you allocate for everything?

What would happen if you have that unexpected car repair? Is there money in your emergency fund (do you have one) or would you have to put it on a credit card?

If you are in a position and you don’t like your financial situation, take steps to change it. YOU CAN!! All you have to do is believe and TAKE ACTION!! What what happens.

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