Financial Advice for Engaged Couples: Don’t Overlook Red Flags

by admin on April 27, 2013

I remember hearing how you start out is how you want to finish. I can’t remember if it was my mom that told me that or a sister from another mother that told me that. I have found that statement to be very true in anything you do, especially relationships.

Time for your relationship assessment:

1) How do you communicate? Openly? Honestly? Is it only when an issue arise? Careful how you answer this question because the way you communicate now is the way you will communicate in marriage.

2) Do you encourage each other to reach individual goals? What about mutual goals? Are you both goal setters? Or is one a leader and one a follower? It makes a BIG difference when one person is goal oriented and the other is not.

3) What do you each of you think about money? Does one person bury their hand in the sand when it comes to finances and the other person is always monitoring the accounts? Where do you stand on money?

4) Where are each of you in your careers? Has someone recently had a job change? Has someone had a promotion?

5) What is happening with the wedding planning and has it affected the relationship? Remember the wedding is only for one day!! Don’t sweat the small stuff.

6) Have you seen some red flags when it comes to money or behavior and have chosen to ignore them? Ignoring red flags doesn’t make them go away it just means you may not be mature enough to handle the consequences of the discussion. Either step up to the plate and have some serious talks or maybe you need to step back and delay the wedding until you can address the flags.

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