Financial Advice for Newlyweds: Juggling the Schedule

by admin on April 30, 2013

Newlywed and loving it. Then it happens you begin to do the juggle: you had one thing planned and all of a sudden a child comes home from school and tells you they have an event you must be at. You pull out the calendar and you begin juggling (shifting) things around so you can be there for your child. Or when you got up this morning, you were prepared to cook beef stew and two hours into your day your husband calls and says he wants spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. No doubt two very different meals and there you are re-arranging what you were planning to cook for dinner.

You are the newlywed and loving it. For some of you this next part has already happened. When you went into your marriage without having had financial talks, you knew what your bills were, your income and for some reason thought it would be a certain way once you said I do. Lo and behold, your new husband also had the same idea (WITHOUT) having talked with you first. He knew what bills he had, what his income was yet the MERGER was never discussed.

You have your money, he has his money and the bills start to come in – INTO ONE HOUSEHOLD!! How will you handle it? Will you begin to juggle money from your account to pay household bills? Do you have a joint account to handle the bills? What to do, what to do?

Juggling finances is not something you want to get into. You want to have a set foundation for how you handle marital finances and obligations. When people juggle finances that leads to stress, arguments, blame and all sorts of things that could have been avoided.

In your newlywed position, let me recommend you get a copy of Financial Advice for Newlyweds. Be sure to have pen and paper ready. The key to finances in any relationship is flexibility.

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