Financial Advice for Married Couples: Getting on the Same Page

by admin on May 3, 2013

There’s a lot to be said for couples that have been married beyond 10, 15, 20 years or even more. I believe one of the keys is they have mutual ideas, beliefs and vision. Sure you are going to have your differences; yet you have to want to travel the path together and do some of the same things.

Communicating about money should not be the ROAD LESS TRAVELED!! When people wait until a financial issue happens to discuss money, the gloves are on!! People are emotional about what has or has not happened, some say words that can never be taken back, others leave and come back with even more attitude. Who does this benefit? What is the overall goal in what you are seeking to accomplish?

Couples that can talk about finances along the journey in marriage (notice I said talk not argue) are the ones who will set the example for others and do GREAT things. Those who are not willing to talk but bury things or shop in order to cover up, will find themselves in a position of their relationship unraveling at some point and placing blame on each other instead of taking responsibility for their CHOICES that caused certain financial situatiosn.

What would happen if you were to talk about money on a regular basis? How many of your dreams would come true? Vacation? Retirement accounts? Planning for college? Honestly think about it. Are you willing to begin communicating about money now with the right motivation?

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