Happy Birthday to our 11 Year old Twins

by admin on May 6, 2013

What fun we have been having as parents. I remember the day I had the twins, I was still driving my sports car and having fun with my mom and husband. My mom had came out a few weeks early because the midwife had told me I’d never carry the twins past 36 weeks. Well, they had news for her. This day I was at 39 weeks and 4 days. My mom and I met my husband at the midwife’s office since he had a meeting earlier that morning. There I was thinking nothing was going on like usual.

Found out I was five centimeters and no water had broken and no contractions had been felt. The joyous news came to go and check into the hospital at 2pm because I would be having the babies today. I will never forget that day because we were amazed I wasn’t having all those “normal signs” that most pregnant women do as they prepare for the birth of their child.

When you arrived that night – we all were sooo excited. Grammy was right there with Daddy. Daddy had the camera in hand up until you arrived. Then he still was taking pictures and sure enough I was sleeping. Your uncle came in 30 minutes after you arrived he had been on set all day.

You have blessed us on this journey as your parents and we thank GOD for you. We know you are leaders and we continue to nurture the gifts inside of you. Happy 11th Birthday!!

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