Self-Employed and Healthcare is the NAME of the GAME

by admin on May 15, 2013

You love being self-employed. Setting your own hours, meeting with clients, working around the schedule of your kids. Those factors are part of the benefits. Some of the benefits you have to handle when you are self-employed – self-employment tax, healthcare and even retirement. You have the self-employed tax handled. When it comes to healthcare, you have scratched your head and even been frustrated.

Health insurance is something you want, yet you are not in a financial position to get it. You have made calls to different companies and its been hundreds of dollars per month or even thousands of dollars. Consequently, you’ve decided that you will deal with it if a situation arises. You may not always be comfortable with that decision; however, the price of healthcare is not something that agrees with your budget on a monthly basis.

Do I have GREAT news for you!! Don’t be frustrated any more. You work at home – whether self-employed, freelancer or independent contractor. You can protect your family whenever they get hurt or feel like they need to see a doctor or physician’s assistant with no worries about money…

That’s right! Finally here is a insurance that you can afford for you and your family to be and live happy, secure and safe again! Right now, your family healthcare is just $49.95 per month. You get medical, dental, vision, prescription, chiropractic, hospitalization and Teledoc.

When I discovered this affordable healthcare plan, it made me ecstatic. Maybe you are one of those people like me that says, I don’t go to the doctor that much. That is great and I have a solution in place so that if I need to go, I can go and not break the bank. Recently, I took the twins in for two different dentist visits. The first time I saved $900 and the second time I saved $205. What would it mean to your family if you could save money and protect your health at the same time?

You don’t have to be penalized when it comes to healthcare because you are self-employed. Where else can you get a plan that gives you such great benefits? If you want more information, contact me through email – .

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