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Bills, debt, credit, home ownership, foreclosure, bad debt, job loss, self-employment, parenting, and the list goes on and on. There are many roles to money and like a hammer it is a tool that many must learn to utilize otherwise they hurt themselves as well as others in relationships and marriage.

We are Eric and Taffy Wagner, an unperfect happily married couple (who are also parents and business owners) who have experienced different financial stages in marriage and life and CONTINUE to do so daily! WE KNOW marriages can succeed because of money talk throughout the marriage regardless of the baggage or behavior brought into the marriage.

Eric came to our marriage with his own financial baggage consisting of a bankruptcy from a previous marriage, debt and bad credit. I came to our marriage with slow pays, debt, eviction and even homelessness for a period of time. Can two people have debt issues get married and it work out? They can as long as each has a plan to clean up their credit issues as well as have a good work ethic. Eric and I were candid with each other about our financial baggage and what we would be getting ourselves into. We entered our marriage with approximately $30,000 worth of debt and PAID IT ALL OFF within two and a half years without filing bankruptcy and buying and selling houses (which clearly was not an option)! We know firsthand what it takes to clean up credit, repair credit, talk and work with creditors, settle debt, what it means to start over at 18 to 21% to prove yourself again, buy a house and more.

Eric and I have provided financial guidance for high school students and parents, conducted seminars at Christian College Fairs and couples groups. As personal finances expert, I’ve been interviewed by national outlets from US News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Learnvest.com, Woman’s Day, Called Magazine, Black Enterprise, Essence Magazine and more.

Oh yes, we know that our message of Money and Marriage Success is “UNCOMMON”. We are PROUD of it! Following the “norm” will get you normal results. Society paints such a “bleak” picture of marriage end even focuses more on the negative side of marriage instead of the positive. They would also prefer to make you feel good instead of telling you the truth. Time for a change. The TRUTH WILL set you free! Eric and I live the message of money and marriage everyday. At least once a day, a choice has to be made when it comes to money! How do you handle it? Who will it affect? Will you even include the other person?

Whether you are dealing with a spouse that doesn’t want any part of the financial responsibility or even a shopper who can’t result an impulse buy or some other financial challenge, we encourage you to take the time to read the different posts that we share and chime in. Leave your comments on the blog. We want to see your money and marriage succeed instead of becoming a statistic. If you have a question or would like to see a story, then submit your information in the box at the top ride side of this page.