Financial Advice for Engaged Couples: Celebrity Marriage Alert

March 28, 2013

We are all aware of Reality of Housewives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills, yada yada yada. Well, last week my FB page was blowing up about another marriage of a reality star tv show biting the dust. So I decided to do some research and see what they were talking about. Kordell Stewart Files for divorce […]

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Financial Advice for Married Couples: Temptation

March 25, 2013

Tyler Perry’s movie Temptation is hitting the big screen in a few days. Check out the trailer: What do you think? Will you go opening weekend?

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Are your kids going without oral health?

March 22, 2013

Every since I became a Benefits Specialist for Ameriplan, I have been digging deeper and deeper into our healthcare systems and what people are dealing with. Daily I am researching articles and hearing from men, women, parents, people who are disabled about their health care issues and how they are not getting the help that […]

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Financial Advice for Married Couples: Benefits of filing Jointly on Tax Return

March 15, 2013

Tax season has been upon us for quite some time. Only one month away and that deadline of April 15th will be here. Have you done your taxes? Are you married and considering filing separately? Are there benefits to filing jointly? Watch the video below and decide for yourself: The clock is ticking!!!

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Financial Advice for Married Couples: Health Assessment Time!

March 12, 2013

Many of you know that I became a Benefits Specialist with Ameriplan towards the end of last year. I must tell you that has been a great addition to my business because it has allowed me to go even further with the financial counseling I provide. In that same regard, it has even shown me […]

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Financial Advice for Married Couples: Economy impacting Finances

March 9, 2013

There I was in the car with the kids and our son was talking to our daughter about the economy and how it impacts even the auto industry. Yes, he’s a car guy and this started at birth. So he is on his rant about the economy and yada yada yada. Well after about 10 […]

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Financial Advice for Engaged Couples: Can you be on the SAME PAGE in Money?

March 6, 2013

Every one is excited about planning the wedding and preparing for that day. Once you say I do, the fun begins. You and your spouse will be in “YOUR HOUSEHOLD” and making decisions that affect each other. In many relationships and I won’t say all (because I’ve had a couple of people tell me they’ve […]

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Part 2 – Can you Trust Him to Solve the Financial Problem

March 2, 2013

A couple of days ago, I shared the scenario asking the question could Wives trust their husbands to solve the financial problem even though he was not good at managing money. So today we want to flip it and talk about a second perspective that could very well be going on in marriage. What if […]

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Loving My HUSBAND Daily

February 28, 2013

I look forward to coming over here on Thursdays and share about Loving My Husband. See I know you thought I was writing this for you and every Thursday as I am writing this my heart gets all warm, that smile comes across my face because he is the LIGHT of my life. Wives let […]

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Can you Trust Him to Solve the Financial Problem?

February 27, 2013

Wives if you are the money manager because your husband is not good with money, what would you do if the finances did not cover all of the bills you needed to pay? Everyday some wife is going through this very scenario. Let’s look at it from a couple of different perspectives. 1) Would you […]

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